Learn Essential Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Tips and Tricks

Computer-games-iStock-500540189-web-e1510634730257.jpgIf you are a computer games enthusiast, you need to discover the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan. It comprises fast-paced fights and trendy gameplay characteristics. The game also features the ‘Adventure Stage’, which is a fun board. The players are charged with the duties of exploring different regions and gathering particular items. However, they are supposed to be careful as they may come across villains. The player is supposed to neutralize the threat of villains by killing them. The death of a villain awards the player some additional points.

Although the Dokkan game is easy to play, beginners need to familiarize themselves with the characters as well as the plot. Nonetheless, for you to overcome tougher bosses, you must be familiar with many things. For instance, characters with 20 max level require being trained first. Besides, once this character reaches the maximum level, it will need to be awakened using the awakening medals. Awakening a character is a significant achievement because it boosts the stats of a player substantially. For more information about the dokkan battle japanese, follow the link.

For you to gain points, you will need to train your main characters using the different training items available. On the same note, you can increase the number of opponents you fight at a given time. In case you are wondering where you will find the training items, they are found in the red capsules. Just ensure to pick the red capsules whenever possible.

Do you need your character to have the maximum power when launching an attack? Then you must ensure to collect as many Ki spheres as possible. The number of Ki spheres a character has is shown as rings on the neck of the individual. One character requires approximate 3-4 spheres to attain 10% attack bars. Get more information about dokkan battle.


Identify your friends carefully. Each time you are going to battle, you need colleagues to back you up so that you can defeat powerful enemies. Remember that the number of points awarded to a player varies depending on the strength of an opponent. Besides, pairing up with a friend will earn you friend points, which are essential to enhance your rating perks.

During the play, you will encounter crossing paths. You will need to determine and follow the way that will give you the highest number of points. For instance, in a case where you have the option of taking a path that will lead you to the purple capsules or the coins, go for the capsules. They are rare to come by, but coins are common.